Models on Bank Account Balances

Please review my models below and share your insight.

C – The current #s in my bank accounts

T – My balances are low.

F – Frustrated

A – Sulk. Self-pity. Rile myself up into entitlement. Hyper focus on the #s.

R – Physical and emotional stress levels increase. I don’t learn to practice equanimity.

C – The current #s in my bank accounts

T- I won’t be able to afford rent next month. (I don’t feel safe.)

F – Worried

A – Hustle energy. Spend longer hours on my lower income generating job. Ruminate on “where’s it gon come from”

R – Come up with the $ through tight, controlled energy. Ask parents for help. Sulk. Self pity


C – The current #s in my bank accounts

T – I believe in my future.

F – Confident

A – Continue business-building lead and prospect generation actions.

R – $5,000 in one account. $5,700 in another. $10,000 in a third.

The intentional model doesn’t feel potent. I feel that a step before confidence is equanimity. I want to look at my current balance and feel calm and composed. I do also want to believe the thought from the current IM too. It just feels like a jump right now.