models on friendship

so i tried to make a model

c: my friend telling me stories about her and her new roomate
t: they have such a close and special bond together and a fun time and we don’t
f: sad and jealous
a: not be happy for her
r: me loosing a friendship

then i tried to make an intenational model

c: same
t: so exciting that she has found another friend she can share things with
but then this thought popped right up: but it’s so much closer and more special than we have

second try..

c: same
t: it doesnt mean that you (i) are less important to her
but then this thought popped right up: but she has more fun and feels more connected to her in the moment

and I think its true and its okay i guess.
just makes me sad and scared of loosing our friendship. like im powerless.

thanks for your help.

i noticed that i’m sabotaging my friendships.. nice haha.