My models seem to be so deja-vu

I started listening to your podcast 2-3 months ago. LOVE them! I joined SCS this month and chose the month’s goal to address all of the undone chores I have within site in my beautiful condo. When I come home from work (full-time job), I don’t walk into a peaceful environment because I see so many things I need to complete. I carefully laid out a daily plan carefully choosing how much I thought I could do after work.

Most of the time I complete everything, but for example, this past Saturday, I underestimated the time it would take to paint 3 pieces of furniture. One had to be sanded and primed. I didn’t admonish myself too badly, but felt a bit down. I simply added the job to Sunday’s work. Then I didn’t complete Sunday’s pre-planned goals because I had so much to paint. I again, felt angry at myself, and each time addressed the issues in the daily model.

But this model work is starting to look like carbon-copies:
Saturday’s model on thought not serving me:
C: Sanding & Painting
T: I hate this job
F: I feel dread at doing this work
A: I will procrastinate
R: Job won’t get done

Saturday’s model with a new thought:
C: Sand & Paint
T: Sanding will only take 15 minutes.
F: I feel positive & in control
A: Sanded & primed the damn table & 1 other piece
R: Job done!

I had other goals for Sunday, but was determined to finish my painting.
Sunday’s model on thought not serving me:
C: Painting
T: I didn’t finish the job yesterday
F: Angry at myself
A: Be grumpy all day
R: Have a sour day

Sunday’s model with a new thought:
C: Painting
T: I am committed to finish painting
F: Empowered
A: Do it
R: Done

Here it is Monday morning and I have still to paint the top of the 3rd piece of furniture when I get home from work. Along with my already set goals from yesterday that I never got to and Monday’s original goal.

My question is how to make the model work for me when I underestimate something (in this example, the time to complete)? I seem to be always writing the same things for A: and R:
A: Do it
R: Done

This is my first question and I know I need help. Thank you!