Modelthon follow-up question @ anxiety

Brooke, I was at this weekend’s Modelthon. It was simply and utterly amazing. I can’t begin to describe how earthshakingly next-level training Sunday’s discussion was for me. However there’s something that is sticking in my brain that I’m not quite able to fully assimilate yet.

You had asked someone why she isn’t 110 pounds yet or why she thinks 110 is not doable. You also asked another person why she isn’t married if that’s what she really wants more than anything right now. You said that if your mind was put in that other person’s body, you have zero doubt that body would be 110 pounds in short order. Likewise, if your mind was in the other person’s body who wants to be married, that you would find your man and be married within three months. All of this was to illustrate how our thinking affects our reality.

You also said at the event that in regard to your experience of anxiety, that you experience it every day but there are other people that you are aware of that have been able to overcome their experience of anxiety and no longer experience it. So my question is, if the mind of one of those people who have been able to overcome anxiety was placed inside your body, would they be able to overcome the daily anxiety that the body you inhabit experiences? Would they be able to make it completely disappear?

Another thing you said is that we have to start thinking like the person we want to become in order to become that person. For instance, when you wanted to become a non-drinker who has no desire for alcohol, you finally realized that you had to start thinking like a non-drinker thinks–which is essentially to not be thinking about alcohol at all. So if you became someone who didn’t think about anxiety at all, without having to insert someone else’s brain in your body, would your experience of anxiety go away? Can I challenge you to become a test case for that? Or have you already tried to be someone for whom anxiety is not even in her sphere of consciousness–and it just didn’t work?