Mom annoyance

I’m close to my mom. I feel bugged by her sometimes. (Just to be able to say that and be o.k. with it has taken a lot of therapy!) However, instead of accepting that I will feel bugged, my thought is . . .why don’t I just NOT be bugged?? This would be nice. So, that’s what I’m asking you about today. Is this possible?

Today – my aunt and cousin were visiting with my cousin’s daughter. Her daughter is 4 and my son is 3. My son appears to have some musical strengths and he really enjoys it. My mom is typically in awe of him. . . .but when her sister (my aunt) was here and my aunt was shocked by him and how music appears to be such a part of how he came into the world, my mom downplayed it like “well, he’s been in music classes for a long time.” I told her, yes, he’s been in kindermusik for a long time, but he displays much more interest than many kids who are in his classes. It’s like she feels the need to not downplay who he is because then she’s be bragging or something. But it doesn’t have anything to do with her!

Anyway, it bugged me. And yesterday when I met them at the pool, the first thing she panicedly (is that a word???!!!) asked me was did I have a dollar for the vending machine so she could get some water for my aunt. Hydration emergency!! Again, I was like . . .WTF . . .hello to you too. And why do you get so unraveled around family?

I apparently get a little unraveled by family too, though, since I’m writing this to you about her 😉 So . . . how could I just have more lightness about these scenarios instead of getting bugged and letting it take up space in my head?