Monday Hour One: How to be ill?

I spent this last Monday to learn all about Monday Hour One and to apply it for this week. I am surprised by how well this strategy works for me. For me it’s not easy to keep my word when it comes to time management, but it has actually been very encouraging to stick to my calendar no matter what as it enables me to build a trustworthier relationship to myself. At least that’s what the first two days have been.

On the third day I got sick – that was yesterday. I instantly took all the medication needed. Nonetheless, I basically couldn’t move my body because of the pain, so I decided to focus on some urgent tasks and to reschedule all the other tasks so that I could get some rest. Today I am still sick. However, I can’t just stay in bed and rest.

I feel very restless because I want to stick to my calendar. I don’t want to fall behind on my schedule as I have so many times before in my life. I’m going on a vacation on Tuesday and planned my week accordingly, so that all tasks would be completed by Monday. Now I know that I’m failing to do so.That makes me feel stressed and disappointed in myself for not following through and I am scared that I won’t enjoy my vacation now because I will be stressed and worried about my unfinished work.

Thus, the week after my vacation will be so much harder! At the same time I want to get some rest to help my body recover. Anyway, they won’t let me into the aircraft when I am still showing symptoms. Now I’m somehow ending up procrastiworking where I am researching something for my work for hours – because I can do that on the sofa – but don’t really complete many tasks. I noticing feeling mad for being sick and not wanting to accept my sore throat, painful coughing and aching back. I mentally fight against the illness and try to argue myself out of it.

That’s why I already started wondering if I am not that sick after all and should pull myself together more and just get the work done even though I have all these symptoms. I have always been very bad in time management but I have never been a quitter. That’s why I am sometimes a little bit tough on myself. However, when it comes to being on time, I often let myself off the hook.

I feel like right now I am neither getting my work done nor taking good care of myself. So how do I deal with this situation now? What to do with my tasks on the calendar when I get sick? When am I “sick enough” to not follow through on all the tasks but allow my body to rest and recover? And how can I not stress about postponing tasks that eventually all add up, so that I feel overwhelmed at a later moment in time?