Monday Hour One: There’s always blood involved

I love the Monday Hour One and have been doing it for several months now based on Brooke’s podcast about throwing away your to-do list. Now that I’ve completed the module, I would like some clarity on how to manage when dealing with true emergencies. I am not an entrepeuner or business owner; I manage a high risk nursing unit. So while I have many things to do that require focus and lend themselves to calendaring, there are times when I truly do have to stop what I’m doing to attend to something much more important. Some weeks/months it’s rare; other times it can be daily or hourly. I am not complaining or trying to find excuses but want to get some advice on how to rearrange after those events & still honor my commitment. I don’t need advice on how to manage my emotions around this, rather how to salvage the calendar. Though I will admit that sometimes it can be very challenging to get back to emotionally neutral so it’s not always the case that I can go right back to where I left off. Thank you!