Monday Model Review

Hello! I wanted to follow up with the model I created for my impossible goal for 2020. Does it look correct? I thought about myself in the future looking at my tax statements with having earned $50,000 and I think that I would be very proud of myself. There would also be excitement and relief, but mostly I would feel proud. My thoughts are – I did it! I’m so proud of myself. I did what I said I was going to do! I can do amazing things! In regards to my model, is there anything I could clean up? THANK YOU 🙂

C- $50,000
T- I did it!
F- proud
A- Start: Apply for full time jobs, Interview, show up at work and create value, make decisions on how to spend my money ahead of time, save money each month, celebrate money, develop a money protocol, leave post it notes around with the amount, practice the feeling everyday
Stop: doubting I can make $50,000, feeling scarcity towards money
R: $50,000