Money Thoughts around budget

Hello! I noticed that I have thoughts around my budget. My husband and I don’t really overspend in other areas of our budget, but when it comes to food, we do. We mostly don’t go out to eat, but maybe once a month. We mostly purchase our groceries and such. We also may buy grocery items last minute. My thought around this is – We always go over in our food budget. For the month of February, I increased the amount to see if that would help us. We both agree that we’d rather spend our money on groceries vs eating out. What I also noticed is that when my husband said he had friends coming up for the weekend, I told him that we basically can’t spend more money on food. He didn’t like this which I totally understand. He doesn’t want someone to tell him how to spend his money. Eventually, we talked it out and we agreed on an amount that we would set to spend when his friends came up. BUT we even went over on that amount!

How do I feel good about spending money on food each month in our budget? How do I handle situations where maybe my husband will spend money on eating out or food when it’s not in the budget? It feels like I’m trying to control my spending when I purchase groceries but then allow him to spend on whatever he wants. Is there a better balance? Thanks!