Monday One Hour and making decisions with intuition

I’m doing module 4 in Monday One Hour and thinking about making decisions with the pre-frontal cortex.

On the one hand I get it, but on the other hand I’m thinking about how many times my best decisions have come from using the whole of my brain, allowing my intuition to throw up directions for me. I find that kind of thinking comes in a very different state to the prefrontal cortex thinking and is often richer in terms of bringing together my conscious and subconscious thinking. In my pre-frontal logical thinking state I can miss things my intuition flags up. I also notice I find it easier to do the things that I decide upon via intuition.

To access that kind of intuition awareness requires a relaxed almost dreamy state whereas my prefrontal cortex thinking is very awake, I guess they are different brainwave states. I find I come up with more creative interesting solutions and ideas to problems in that state.

So, I’m wondering, what role do you think intuition has in making decisions in the Monday One Hour process?
Thanks 🙂