Money and Brain Dissonance

I’ve been practicing some new money beliefs.

Money is easy, money flows to me, of course we have more than enough money, I take the best care of money.

Here we are only two months into the year and the business my husband and I started has made over 100k. It has been the easiest thing in the world. He does the physical work and I do the business end which is what is so easy and natural for me.

I think my problem is now there is a dissonance between my brain and reality. I’m thinking this is too good to be true and I should work hard. I’m thinking the money isn’t mine because my husband is the one doing the physical work. It’s almost like I’ve hit an upper limit and am not even looking at the money and possibilities now. I don’t think I’ve accepted how easy money is. I don’t think I’ve learned how to receive. We went from making 4k a month for the past 10 years to now 30k a month. I don’t even believe it’s true. It just seems too easy.

Any tips for getting my brain in line with this new reality?

I want to believe it is easy, so easy and have such an abundance mindset.
Thank you!