Money and Sciatica

I don’t work at the moment. I was an actress but I was unhappy and decided to quit. It took me 2 years to figure out what I wanted to do.  Now I am working a little as a waitress an I have joined the certification in April.  I am so happy because I am passionate about this work.

But  during those two years I have spent 50% of the money I had, which leads me to think, “Ok, now I have to stop spending money other ways I will have nothing left”.

Ever since I have had that thought I have experienced sciatica. My right leg can move but it hurts a lot.

I think this thought is great because it helped me to make this decision to be more careful about my remaining money now that I have a project.  But it’s like my body is reacting with this sciatica. I think it’s the fear behind this thought that I might deny but, as I am trying to process the fear, my body is still reacting and the sciatica is still there.

Can you help me become more aware? Thanks.