Money and taking care of myself

I am the kind of person that doesn’t take care of myself, meaning I offer myself few gifts and won’t allow myself to buy expensive stuff.

Every time I want to buy something for myself, I delay the expense because it’s too expensive, but I am open to offering expensive gifts to friends and family.

I try to work on this.

So here is a specific model :
C I want to go for a haircut
T It is expensive, I don’t work currently
F Money-wise
A Delay the haircut for later
R Have hair that doesn’t please me

C The hair cut cost $90
T That’s expensive, I will do it later
F Money-wise
A Don’t do it
R awful hair

C Delaying my hair cut for 2 weeks
T I can delay it forever
F uncommitted
A Don’t do it
R Not taking care of myself

Intentional model:
C The hair cut costs $90
T Why not? I deserve it
F Happy
A Do it
R Proud, confident and beautiful

This intentional model sounds good, but still not realistic to me. I feel like I will delay it again. Because this model comes up for me:

C The hair cut cost $90
T I should constrain myself, no job now
F Budget-wise
A Not doing it
R No hair cut

Any suggestions?

I can afford the 90$, it is just I am afraid that I will run out of money before my next job. But in general, even if I find another job, I will save that money in case… wait 2-3 months.

So, the solution I found is to commit to calling tomorrow the saloon tomorrow and booking an appointment, but I’m afraid of not doing it and not committing.