Money Class Miracle

Ok Brooke – so here is an affirmation for you. I am listening to your 1st money class, and actually had to re-listen again. I am starting my coaching business and want to make money. The reason this is even a possibility is because I have been running a fundraising campaign for 5 years and I get so stressed out about it, and hitting our goal. This year is different, I am in a different mindset. I am practicing believing that it will come. In fact, I am coaching my team to believe it. I have 4 days left in my campaign and I am 13,000 shy, but I still believe we will hit our goal.

I get a call from a friend of a friend, so I pause you. I have an anonymous donor that wants to give, first $10,000, then said maybe $20,000. What?!?! Oh my God. How is that possible?

My husband said I will make a lot of money if I become a life coach. I can’t believe it. My goal is to buy a house in Los Angeles. That is why I want to be a coach. It never occurred to me that I can do something other than my 40 hour job. I am so very grateful for your class and the guidance in my mind work. Thank you Brooke and to your team.