Money Mindset Models

I realized this morning I have thoughts (stories) about changing my money mindset. I’ve been working on money for months and now know I’m telling myself things like “this takes a lot of work,” “changing my money mindset is hard,” “I just need to get through this training/find the right training.” So my question is, can I use “changing my money mindset” in the C line?

Unintentional Model
C – changing my money mindset
T – takes a lot of effort
F – scattered
A – think about working on it a lot, taking small steps here and there, research more, finding “one more” class, listen to money podcasts
R – I’m putting in a lot of effort and not getting much result

Intentional Model
C – changing my money mindset
T – I notice what thoughts are blocking me
F – curiosity
A – I use Models and journaling to work through unhelpful thoughts, and take note of helpful thoughts that move me forward
R – I continue to gain more information on my mindset and improve it with daily awareness and work

Are there other thoughts that would be more helpful in my intentional model? Thank you 🙂