Morning Routine

I have created a morning routine for myself to get some me time to look after myself in peace.
I start before everybody in the family in order to have my peace and be done when their day starts.
But each morning I wake up beating myself up and telling myself ‘this is hard’. My resistance to get out of bed is strong. Somehow I do manage with a push and hanging on what i have to do…
How can I make it easier for myself?

Here is for example my model from this morning download

C Morning routine
T: It is hard
F: I am sinking in, demotivated
A: Resistance, staying in bed, then during the day buffer with things to do in the house
R: The day is a drag. It is hard.

Intentional model:
C Morning routine
T: Consistency will pay off
F: Motivated, inscribed in a bigger picture
A: Doing my routine, getting out of bed early
R: Results are starting to show and my day is easier as I have done what I want to do for my.