Mother not Listenning

My mother is very assured of herself and she does not like to be contested. (I know it is not circumstances but it is something that all can agree on when they know her).
Sometimes, she came to me with a topic, she gave me her opinion, and as soon as I gave mine, she does not listen and shows a kind of disagreement with her face and makes weird sounds. This makes me very upset. So, there is no discussion. It is either validating her point or not giving mine.
She is very pragmatic. I am someone who always ponders my thoughts and can understand others’ opinions and it is never black or white. My mother doesn’t get it. For her, there is always an answer white or black! It is only her truth and nothing else and I can’t give my opinion, she does not listen.
I am working on a business, doing animations during weddings. I asked for her advice and to connect me with the right people as she is smart and has a great network. She was enthusiastic and even gave me ideas.
So here is what happened today. She came out to me telling me that it is not a great business because I will be exposed to criticism. I told her, maybe, but who is never criticized? People talk, I can do whatever I want.
C My mother makes faces and noises not agreeing while I am saying: who is never criticized?
T She is never listening to what others are saying
F Nervous
A repeating my sentence, telling her that she can listen to what I am saying, no one is wrong or right. Speaking louder. Leave the room. Ending the conversation
R Tension between us

How do I get my mother to listen to me? I know I can’t, she can choose to not agree with me or not listen to me. So, how can I behave? Either I give my opinion, and I get offended because she does not listen or I simply act as if I agree with her.
What can I think to change the previous model?

C My mother makes a face and makes noise showing disagreements while I am saying: who is never criticized?
T she does not agree and it is OK
F ?
A ?
R ?
I don’t know what to do to avoid that tension that will come up. If I just let it go, she feels it, and then there is still tension at the end.
Any help?