Mother and my Business

I am working on a business in my home country. I would like to lead animations during weddings.
I discuss it with my mum. She thinks it is a very good idea and she said she will help to connect me with the right people.
Today, she came back to me telling me that it is a hard business and I will get very criticized here in this country. I told her I don’t care since I will succeed, I will make money and they will call me for their weddings. And we are not sure if they will criticize, and so what? lol
She told me, no: you are holding your family name in this business. I told her I don’t hold anyone in here, I can do whatever I want and I can succeed or fail, it is my responsibility.
I have 3 alternatives:
– If she thinks that way, then I won’t ask for her help. She will demotivate me. I prefer doing it on my own and not taking care of her doubts. Doubts that I have but not in the extreme that I will represent my whole family in this business. Consequence: won’t benefit from her connections and knowledge of the culture. But I will figure it out myself.
– Stop developing my business, believing she is right. I don’t want to, because I think it is a great idea and It will be a great opportunity to keep a link with my home country
– She may be right. I know people talk a lot here, they will say bad things and be jealous and my services are addressed to rich people. Just to put an example here: it is like a daughter of a president, being a server in a bar… my idea of the business is to try it first, lead the animations first, and then when it will work, I will hire people that will do the job. After her comment, I think maybe I should hire people that will lead the animations for my company instead of being on the front line. But then it changes the way I visualized it. Nothing bad actually.
Any suggestions?