Mother Questions

My question is what are some thoughts that I can have to help bridge the current thoughts I’m feeling? I ask my mom to spend time with me and she says no, she doesn’t like the activities I’ve picked. Every time I want to go right, she goes left. Also- when she finds out that I help my MIL with Dr appts, my mom will tell me things like, “well you never offer to take me” or when I asked my dad to go on walks in the am with me, he stopped walking with me bc he said that my mom would get upset that he was walking with me and she and wanted him back home by a certain time. So my question is- what thoughts can I think that I don’t get totally frustrated when dealing with her? When I ask her to go do things and she declines every time, I don’t want to ask her to do things anymore. Thanks for the advice! Erin