My life is changing so dramatically from scholars, I have know you a long time Brooke and continue to learn so much from your teaching. I’ve been in scholars 5 months (and I want to write ‘and all I’ve done is..’ but my mind has changed so much it’s like I don’t buy my own negative thinking anymore, so instead I will tell this story like this..) I listen to the Brooke calls which is about 2 a month and that is all I need to change my mind – love getting the work books and one day will love to work through them. What I wanted to share is that I have become an emotional adult – the repetitive coaching on relationships has affected me deeply and something just clicked the other day and I stopped trying to manipulate those around me to feel good all the time so that I could feel good.

And something magical happened.

My stress and anxiety lifted.

I have about 80% less stress and the depression I have been feeling affects from for 5 years lifted up to a level where I dare say I no longer have clinical depression. I cannot fucking believe how much stress is involved in having my emotions dictated by the people around me.

I was SMILING today for no reason except I felt good inside.

I am looking on the bright side.

I am giving space and allowing those around me to feel their own feelings. (Actually is a magical connected feeling to them I thought it would feel like I was blocking or ignoring them but I actually feel so peaceful and solid and connected to them in a much different, better way.)

Anyway, I am happy for myself, proud of the work you do and glad you continue to giggle at us and point out the obvious/ yet-so-not-obvious 😉