Mother sends e-mail (model help)

Hi, can you help me fill the gaps in my models?

Unintentional model:
C Mother sends e-mail
T she makes this to easy for herself
F furious
A be angry, complain to myself about it
R her words have less value to me

Ladder model:
C Mother sends e-mail
T that’s a form of communication
F neutral
A read E-Mail
R content read

Intentional model:
C Mother sends e-mail
T I value that she found a form of communication that works for her
F appreciative
A read with full attention and positive attitude, be resilient when sth in her e-mail bugs me
R ? … finally: better relationship

I have two questions here:
Can my R be subjective (like in model 1) or does the R have to be a fact?
Is neutral okay for the F-line? Can we feel neutral?

Thank you so much!