Moving houses and sticking to my activities I planned.

I’m in a busy month with moving houses. Meaning packing, cleaning, organizing. My aim is to still do my ‘normal’ activities, like yoga classes, painting, and of course all activities with family and kids. Last week I didn’t do all I wanted (I changed priorities), so for next week I’m planning to get it all figured out.

I’m looking for a thought, a model, that shows me it’s possible in this kind of periods, where many ad hoc questions come up (architect, electrician, landscaper etc) to still stick to my priorities.

I made the model from the bottom up. As example my painting

C. Painting in week January 20-27.
T. Also in this busy week I can find the time to paint every day for an hour.
F. Determined.
A. Plan my week around meetings concerning houses, unpack what I need in new house for painting, accept it’s not an ideal workplace yet, paint an hour with/without motivation
R. Paint 1 h every day in new house January 20-27

Thank you for your comments