Moving out of confusion

I’ve set a money goal for myself and in my thought downloads I am finding a repeated thought that leads to analysis paralysis. Below are the models I came up with, and I’d appreciate a review and feedback.

UI model
C – Goal of $200k in value to my company
T  – What the heck does that actually mean?
F  – Confused
A – Spend time thinking about what I’m doing, keep looking at my list, work on models, read books to get inspiration, buffer with email and social media
R – Not taking action on goal so I’m not getting feedback on what works

I model
C – Goal of adding $200k of value to my company
T  – I’m going to try the strategies in entrepreneurial management and commit to implementing them by June 1st
F –  Focused, committed
A – Define vision and values, refine and improve job descriptions, give extremely clear direction and feedback to employees, use MH1 for my own work, set quarterly goals with my team and hold them and myself accountable, document and define all standard processes
R – More functional company with less wasted energy and better focus – leading to better results?