Multi layered model

Am I oversimplifying the process by choosing to have one linear model for my situation?

Below is my breakdown for how I ended up overeating last night but am now getting back at it. I see multiple thoughts and feelings happening in an instant. I still find the model extremely helpful in breaking this out since I would never have had this awareness in the first place but I also think juat having one CTFAR chain is oversimplifying it. I’m not done identifying the new thoughts to think next time but I’m posting my current model to illustrate this point.

C: 7:30pm, watching movie
T1: Dinner time, ate light lunch. Want to enjoy myself since I’ve been good with food all week
T2: Pizza will make me feel good
F1: Excited about eating pizza
T3: I may sabotage myself by eating pizza off protocol
T4: No, it’s ok. One meal off plan won’t blow it
A1: Eat 4 slices of pizza
T5: I’m overeating and should stop
A2: Stop at 4 slices and avoid dessert that others in my family are having
T6: I broke the practice and I’m back to square zero
F2: dejected
T7: it doesn’t matter any more, I may as well give up and eat what I want
F3: out of control
T8: I notice the feeling of losing control. Its not all or nothing, I can restart now
F4: Forgiving
T9: Let me get back on it and continue the journey. A little setback is ok
A3: Get back on protocol this morning
T10: I will do a model and understand this situation so I can reach my goal
A4: Do a model this morning
T11: I understand my mind and can choose different thoughts to reach my goal
F5: Awareness and control
A5: Identify new thoughts to think for the situation last night (I will do this today…)