Multiple Calendars

Hi any thoughts on how to handle multiple calendars? I have the following.
Calendly for online scheduling that links to Google and then Redtail.
Redtail for the securities business ( Work ) and shared with my assistant. Her work calendar is Redtail.
Google Calendar was typically for personal and kept separate from work, now it has been brought in as part of the automation.
I have delegated my scheduling to my assistant. So she handles the client meeting set up and rescheduling as well as other meetings.
My issue is the complexity of multiple calendars and when I get involved in the scheduling we end up with conflicts or things being missed. I am wondering how to simplify this process. I have gone back and for the from Redtail to Google trying to use one or the other. Redtail is essential for storing client information and notes. It does not function as well as the google calendar does. I want to simplify this entire process. Going between several calendars takes time and it frustrates me.