Multiple models

If you have multiple thoughts that lead to the same result is it helpful do an intentional model for every unintentional model? For example, I have set a goal not to drink wine at least 4 nights per week, however I’m catching my primitive brain offering me a multitude of thoughts that are creating a desire to drink. Thoughts like, it’s been a stressful day, you can just have one, it’s no big deal, the evening will be so much more enjoyable with a glass of wine, I can’t relax without wine, and on and on…..

Here are the models I have:
C- it’s evening
T-I need wine because of xyz
A- go buy wine
R- drink and break promise to myself

C- it’s evening
T-my primitive brain is a toddler that wants wine, I can feel the urges and not answer, my reward will come tonight when I sleep well and in the morning when I’m proud of myself
F- in control
A- don’t buy wine
R- rewarded , proud of myself , accomplishing goals and keeping promises to myself

I feel good about the intentional model however I’m finding that because there’s so many thoughts that are creating the unintentional feelings of desire that sometimes this one intentional thought is not enough to overcome all the unintentional ones… they feel so loud and I feel like I’m having an inner war with myself.  Is this the river of misery or do I need a better intentional thought?