Must I give up my core beliefs to learn from you

HI Brooke,
Cute, fun pix of you on this page, by the way! ; 0 )
I am new to your Scholar School, and have listened to your August lesson about finding purpose. I am 64 years. Is it necessary for a client such as myself to believe your philosophy of life in order to get help from you (as in, learning and coaching myself). What if I define my purpose in life as living in a way dictated by religious belief? I listen to Dr. Laura a lot, and enjoy her coaching. She believes that our esteem, or self-worth, is derived from giving back to the world and serving others. That rings true to me. Being worthy just because I exist..hmmm, that does not ring so true. I do believe each of us is a child of God, worthy of dignity and respect. But it is up to us to DO something. Maybe we believe the same core things, but the way it was presented did not reach me. Not sure! But back to my original question, what if I don’t believe your basic premise…that each person is worthy, no matter if they are a victim or perpetrator, etc. If I don’t believe this, is it going to undermine my learning to do self-coaching?