You are an evolved human being, and being alive is enough.~ Brooke Castillo

hello Brooke. This was ONE of the main reason’s I felt like I needed to be coached. What’s my purpose? Wowzer !! You nailed it in the work book. I spent 20 LONG, not so happy years, in the Army. I left my last military assignment 2 months before my 38th birthday. Glad to be done with it but confused and unsure about all sorts of things like where to live, where to work? The one thing WI DID know was that I was not interested in getting another regular job. I have income to live comfortably without working. So, What’s the problem? Well, immediately and continuously people that didn’t know me, people that thought they knew me and people that do know me would say things like, “you are too young ” to not be working. “Aren’t you bored?” “I’d go crazy around the house.” Truth is those type comments got under my skin. I got down right angry sometimes. I some times didn’t respond and some times felt like I need to justify my life. Here it is almost 10 years later, after 9 months of working for the IRS and 4 or 5 years working seasonally from (Jan-Apr doing taxes at a non for profit) I still get aggravated when someone starts asking me what I do for work etc. This past July 4 weekend, I go to visit a friend and family in Austin, TX and just like clock work my friend’s parents start telling I’m still young and start asking me what I’ve been doing etc. I “believe” I answered pleasantly enough but wish it didn’t ANNOY me the way it. I say did because reading and doing the daily assignments are giving me peace about NOT running off to get a any old regular 9 to 5 because people said this and people said that. I often said I’d say I might LOVE working for Oprah or Ellen ( she opens up her show dancing — how cool is that?) BECAUSE I’m not interested in any old job. Then I’d say any job or business I do must be meaningful and purposeful…I’m certain I want have the “What’s my purpose’ issue after this month.CHANGE GEARS slightly, I was excited to hear that YOU were moving to the Dallas area. If I hadn’t let myself get side tracked Dec 2016. I might have been living in that Dallas area. I live in the Houston area right now. This is the area I might need coaching in. I’m Considering an RV so that I can literally roll out whenever I want to. I heard you say be happen BEFORE making moves. I dunno.