My all or nothing thinking

I’m noticing that my brain wants to use all/nothing thinking in a lot of ways.
For instance, I’ve become aware of work on my own mind that I need to do because I believe it’s limiting my ability to create the business that I envision for my future self.
I want to do the work – lots of journaling and self-coaching every day on this so that I can process through buried feelings that are impacting me now.
My all/nothing brain is confused:
• Do I do this work on myself while I continue to take all the action to create clients?
o It seems like this isn’t efficient because the action I am taking isn’t producing the result that I want because it’s not coming from a clean space and my thoughts of selfishness and lack of worth.
• Do I pause the organic marketing of my business while I work on my own self so that I can resolve the thoughts and feelings that I think are holding me back?
I recognize this feeling; it’s very familiar for me to drop things so that I go all in on one thing, solve it and move on.
But that also feels like I’m waiting to figure it all out before I begin to build my business.