My child has to suffer

My child has to suffer.

I have a nanny who takes my 3-year-old to play in the park daily. I went yesterday with my husband and kid to the park. I observed that some girls were saying “go away” to my kid repetitively. Later she drifted to the ground where some older kids were playing football and they nearly missed hitting my kid. I felt really scared at the moment. I wanted to protect her and never let her go out ever again.

C- took my kid to the park for play yesterday
T- I can’t help my child adjust socially
F- scared
A- imagine the worst future where she would cry and be depressed and I won’t be able to do anything, imagine her having to go through this on her own, dread having another kid, consider putting her in a preschool for social exposure
R- I don’t observe her social responses

I want her to be socially accepted. I understand the concept that I have to allow her suffering. But in reality, I shut down.