My face and my body models

I am struggling with negative thoughts about my face and my body. I have done several unintentional models which mostly look like this:
C My face and body
T I look old and fat
F Desperate
A Try different new things to look better (diet, exercise, face fitness, makeup) but give up quickly not seeing immediate results, spending a lot of money and energy on trying to look better with no success
R Obsessing about my looks

My goal here is to find thoughts to fuel my self-care, boost my confidence and shift focus to my other goals. I want to enjoy looking at myself in the mirror every single day. I want to think “Damn, girl, you look gorgeous today” every single morning. Feels like an impossible goal right now.

I created a few intentional models below. Could you please give me some feedback.

Model 1
C My face and body
T I look amazing
F Attractive (Is it a feeling?)
A I showing up as a bold and confident woman
R Create a life that I want

Model 2
C My body
T My body looks so sexy
F Sexy
A I flirt with myself and people around me
R I enjoy being me

Model 3
C My face
T My face is so beautiful
F Joy
A Take pictures of myself, record videos, do live streams
R Create memories and connect with people

Model 4 – this one I have done from R line moving up
C My body
T I am curious how long it will take to create a body of my dreams
F Drive
A Create and follow food and exercise protocol
R Fit and slim body