My feelings about money

I have been working on changing my thoughts about money. I came from a household in which money was portrayed as scarce and associated with violence.

Today, I met with my web designer to revamp my website to reflect more of my Life Coaching. He could not give me a price for his work, and this made me nervous. I have a friend who taught herself how to design websites. She states that I could have done it myself. For me, I find value in hiring someone as my time is spent working full time as a Physician, currently my main income stream. I sat down and was able to identify my thoughts about the circumstance that my website is being revamped to focus on Life Coaching. They were as follow:

– I could save money if I did it myself
– What if I cannot afford his price?
– I hope that this brings me more clients and more money

These thoughts created the feeling of anxiety.

My action was to try calming myself, telling myself that I can afford him, it is only a single fee, I will be making more money, this will be the last of the major changes, I am committed to being a Life Coach, I am committed to helping people.

My result was to come here and get more advice.

I am working through the module on Money and did the first set of lessons. What thoughts do I need to have in order for me to feel relaxed and comfortable when making large purchases and investing in myself?

Thank you.