My first worthy fail – help with intentional model

Hi Brooke and coaches,
I’ve started to work on my impossible goal earlier since I’ll be on vacation for 3 weeks in March. I had my first worthy fail this week.
No my brain wants to beat myself up for attempting this even though I knew it may end up in failure.
My impossible goal – get promoted to next level by dec 31, 2019 1155pm central time. The fail I had attempted was – write a document with solutions to solve problem A , and get that doc in to formal review (more visibility would be the result). But my ideas failed at team level review and didn’t make it next level.
My models are below , please help with my intentional model thoughts and actions

C- my document will not be going for formal review
T- I shouldn’t have attempted this when I knew this would be a failure
F -regret
A – beat myself up
R – hold myself back from attempting other fails

C – same
T ??
F – motivated
A – ??
R – I attempt more fails with confidence and don’t make these fails mean anything about me.