My Future 50 Pounds Lighter Self

You tell us to think how our future self will think once we achieve our goal.

I am obese. Medically, this is a fact.
In order to be in the normal and healthy range of weight I need to lose 50 pounds.

When I think of myself 50 pounds lighter, the thoughts she has are:

I feel so wonderful in this slim body.
I am so proud of myself for giving myself this gift of losing this heavy weight.
I feel so proud taking off my clothes when I go to my annual exam.
My doctor praises me.
I am loving seeing my slim waist in the mirror.
I get so much joy from wearing size 6 dresses.

So I tried these thoughts and my brain says this is crap and that they are all a bunch of lies that belong to someone who lives this life.

It seems ridiculous to keep repeating them like mantras in order to believe they are true when they are not.

Would love some help with how to think like my future 50 pound lighter self.