My goal…

Hi Brooke. I started with SCS the first month you rolled it out. It’s an amazing program.

I almost quit in April…but you helped me see how to make it work. I stayed in and have now caught up to September.

I’m thankful that I didn’t quit.

My main goal has been to stop overdrinking wine because I know that it is holding me back in all other areas. I’m making progress and starting to see that wine can become insignificant to me just like bread and sugar have.

However…along the way..I have learned lessons and had set backs. Each time that happens…I have a harder time getting back on track with my other goal which is redesigning my real estste practice. I lose motivation and its hard to stay consistent.

I’m overwhelmed with your September video when I apply it to real estate. I can see how it will help once I really stay consistent with not overdrinking.

Can you give me some advice about how to proceed from here? I’m still working and doing my job…I’m just not motivated to change anything.