Poisonous Thoughts

Hi Brooke,

Another student posted about yelling at her children (and I could totally relate!) and you mentioned that she should discipline her mind and refuse to ever think those specific “poisonous thoughts”. I’ve heard you say this recently in a coaching call too. I’m thinking this also carries over into my recurring thoughts about my mom. As I manage my thoughts about my mom I find myself immediately thinking: “Shes crazy”, “She never stops.”, “She is nothing but drama.”. I’ve done thought downloads that contain these and I work through them – and then those damn thoughts come right back after my next conversation with my mom. Do I keep thought downloading these and running models on them or are these “poisonous thoughts” that I need to not give attention to via thought downloads or models?

Or maybe I’m not asking the right question and I should ask: what is the difference between a poisonous thought and any thought that makes us feel bad?

Thank you kindly,
Jenny L.