My husband coaching me

Just wanted to share that one of the greatest experiences I have had out of this is my husband using the model to coach me. 🙂

I have been sharing all that I am learning in SCS and helping him use the model in his business – he is self employed. And also sharing how I am growing by changing my thoughts.

My manager at work made a decisin that had me spinning and feeling out of control and dissapointed. I told my husband about it and was venting, etc. And he redirected my thoughts and asked ‘why would you think that? That is a terrible thought to have. Why dont you think… ‘ and he used orher SCS phrases that I use and that Brooke saying all the time. ‘And how does that thought serve you?’ 🙂 I left that conversation feeling so much more in control and positive and empowered.

So amazing. My family thanks all of you at the Life Coach School. 🙂