my husband does not want me to pursue goals

I’m registered for Life Coach School (and I’m so excited about it), but my husband doesn’t want me to pursue life coaching. He’s had similar reactions when I wrote a book, won a local marathon, went to grad school, was named mother of the year (not even kidding– it’s a thing). I know life coaching is what I was born to do and my kids are 100% supportive, but I don’t know how to navigate this in my marriage. I honestly don’t have a manual for him and I let him live exactly as he likes, but it’s never enough. I do have workaholic tendencies– I’m paying for LCS with my photography and videography business– but I am scrupulous about staying off my computer and phone when he’s around. I’ve really been working on only having positive thoughts about him, but his outbursts are becoming more frequent. Thoughts?