My Main Problem

Hey Brooke, I was listening to you coach last night and you asked someone who was confused and spinning what her main problem was, I think it boiled down to she just needed clients. I had one of those OMG moments, where I realized that I had the same main problem. I have 3 workshops coming up in the next 2 months. They are three separate workshops and my mind has been off on a tangent on how this is too many to do, too hard around the holidays etc.. My workshops always fill, but they are being slow to fill right now. I have the target number in mind that I want for each one. What I realized was that my main problem was that I needed X amount of people for this workshop, X amount of people for that workshop and X amount of people for the third workshop. That made it so much simpler!! I know how to get X amount of people. Thank you, as always, for the reminder and the tools to use to manage my mind… is the greatest gift I can give to myself and all those people in my workshops!!