It turns out it’s my THOUGHTS and not my husband! (Of course, right?!)

It’s 4:35am, my 14 month old baby has been crying since I laid her down at 2:45.

This is my 3rd time up with her tonight and while she cried for over an hour, I laid here tense and frustrated. My husband of course laid beside me snoring.

So naturally, this was all his fault.
—He doesn’t help.
—He doesn’t support me.
—I function on so little sleep and he doesn’t appreciate that and take better care of me.

After 8 months in SCS, I had this thought that maybe I should coach myself on this. 🤔

C: Nora wakes up at night like 1-3x.

T: (I listed those above)

F: frustrated, tense

It doesn’t make sense to blame the baby (I love her!! Lol) so instead I choose my husband.

Reality is though,
—I can sleep train the baby
—I can move the baby to a new room
—I can ask him to support me

I’m NOT the victim I was making myself. I am not st the effect of the baby or my husband. I’m causing myself this frustration. I have chosen one frustration over another (sleepiness nights over sleep training).

Any who. No question really…just amazing work that I know someone else might need.

I sure did!!

See you in a few weeks!