My Next Phase

I am an aspiring screenwriter and used to struggle with anxiety of writing, until I finally, last year, put myself in harm’s way and completed three scripts.

All three were evaluated as not good enough by industry professionals, but I learned a lot from showing up and writing them.

Now, I would like to look ahead and write the next three new scripts for this year and am noticing myself buffering again, as my brain remembers this is an activity we fear and suffer through.

So, a part of me wants to move to a next phase with my relationship with writing, so that it will serve me and I will have a more enjoyable experience with it, if I want it as my career for life.

And another part of me hears Brooke says, “Your problem is that you want it to be enjoyable.”

I suppose I believe I want to be able to do it for the long-term and rather it not be each time such a dread.
I know there are many other writers who definitely don’t suffer and dread it, but rather enjoy it.

What approach should I embrace (choose to embrace the suck and live with it or make it more enjoyable) and if I do decide to choose to love the process, how do I do that?