My note in the bin

I just published a book and I will sign it in a book shop near the place I live. And I just moved to a new building. Yesterday I printed a note explaining about the signing event and pinned it in the hall of the building. I realized this morning it was removed, wadded up and thrown in the bin.
I know this is all about the person who’s done it, and not about me.
By habit my brain thinks:
There is a very grumpy person in this building. This is not nice.
I did something wrong. But I wanted to be nice and connect with my neighbors!
This means there is a bad atmosphere in the building.
Now someone is hating me.

C I see my note in the bin
T This is not nice.
F hurt
A accuse a neighbor, imagine this person I don’t know
R I create a bad atmosphere

C I see my note in the bin
T I did something wrong
F Guilty
A accuse myself, don’t show up anymore, justify myself
R I give my power away

C I see my note in the bin
T This is full, complete and good enough
F peace
A don’t ruminate, don’t make a story about it, live my day, enjoy my signing event, seek for other people to come to my events in the future, connect with the neighbors I see in the stairs
R I create a peaceful experience for me

The cover of my book shows a woman with a veil. I wonder if this was not the reason it has been removed. I see there could been a lot of reasons.
I feel hurt when I want to be right about “This was a nice thing to do, to invite my neighbors to my signing event”.
If it’s about the veil, I don’t care, because I think it would be a very silly reason.

How to envision this situation with peace and without making it a drama? Thank you!