My university is reducing force, terminating faculty, furloughing, and cutting salaries

I would like some coaching around the possibility of getting fired from my current academic job as a full, tenured faculty member. I teach gender studies at a conservative institution. I’ve written about this and received live coaching from Kara (The Clutch) around this huge sense of fear that I used to have because I worried I’d get fired. It was no secret that the new administration did not think that gender studies fit with the new mission statement that they were writing. I was in panic A LOT. I have done revolutionary TW (thanks to SCS and I’ve only been here 3 weeks) around this and know that I am in a much better place because I do not want to work there, regardless of the university’s decision’s in December around massive terminations and shifts they are making. I finish my coaching certification at the end of Oct and I’m working to start this biz. I feel so calm and free when I think of choosing to not be at the univ and about being of service as a feminist coach. I also still clung to the idea that the current employee handbook outlined the policies for reduction in force and I’d be eligible for a year’s salary/benefits. The univ pres just e-mailed an approved temporary change in the handbook effective immediately stating that the university suspended the handbook policies and that the president can furlough, reduce salaries, and terminate. First, I’m freaked but not the normal freak out. I feel some kind of calm in there. That’s new. Here are models. I”m not loving the IM.
C – pres sent new policy
T – I will get fired with no severance package
F – worried
A – asked for coaching. E-mailed attorney. Texted friends. Started worrying about not getting new clients. Wonder if I should look for a new job instead of trying to get clients. Notice the butterflies in my stomach. Notice that I’m not uber panicked but that I’m worried.
R – worry that I won’t get a severance pkg

T – the severance package safety is gone.
F – fear
A – plan in my mind to lose all our savings. Count money in savings. Try to make all sorts of plans outside my goal of becoming a paid coach. Talk to co-workers. Indulge in feeling “screwed” and think about calling people.
R – Worry that the severance pkg is gone

T – This is the time to work hard to get clients
F – focused
A – (still feeling graspy) learn how to make offers. Make more offers. Sit in meditation to calm before taking action.
R – I work hard