My weight loss stopped

I started the journey from May 19. I was 148.8 lbs then.
Till June 17, I was 140.6 lbs. I lost 8 pounds within the past four weeks. I am very satisfied with this result.
My goal weight is 122 lbs (55kg, I am 5 feet 7 inches).

I guess I was relaxed after that. For the past 10 days, I did not lose any weight, but it bounced back a bit. My weight this morning was 141.4 lbs.

C: I did not lose any weight in the past 10 days
T: I gave myself a break from weight loss. That is Okay. And now I want to keep working on it till I reach my goal. My diet has dramatically changed from one month ago. I totally cut flour, rice and sugar out of my diet. How can I lose more weight? More regular exercise? Or no dinner at all. Just one meal per day?
F: commitment and confused
A: keep saying to myself it is okay right now “you can eat all those stuff only if you did not eat sugar or flour”
R: the weight kept at the current level

I knew that a lot of scholars have lost more than that much weight. And they must have gone through the flat period of weight loss. Please help me! My biggest goal to join self coaching scholar is weight loss till 122 lbs. A weight that I could not imagine before.