My work self

I come home at the end of a day and just don’t like my “work self”. I feel like I don’t act authentically; for example, putting on a smile when I don’t feel happy, trying to sound smart, and people pleasing. I do it to keep the peace at work because as soon as I am sullen or not cheerful it comes right back to me and the work place feels cool fast. By that I mean the overall energy becomes low and it is even more depressing to be there. So be fake cheery or work in an unfriendly environment ? Is part of being at work just not authentic anyhow if I don’t enjoy their company but must get along?

C a workplace with 5 other humans in it.
T I have to keep the mood up
F fake
A smile when not happy, force myself to tell stories or chat, shake my head at my own behaviour.
R my mood is low

C a workplace with 5 other humans in it
T I am good enough just as I am
F secure/authentic
A say and do what I mean, stop people pleasing
R I please my self