Naming my Podcast

I was on the entrepreneur call on 11/6 and asked about naming my podcast. You said my topic was not narrowed down enough. I have done some thinking and I want to focus on: Women who want to enjoy thier family again (meaning thier parents/siblings).

This woman needs to find relief. She thinks she would feel better if she just gave herself distance from her family, but has guilt about that and it just doesnt jive with the person she believes she is and the person she believes she could be. But…. she knows that she CAN NOT leave things the way they are now. Something has to give. She feels lost, trapped, breakable and weak. Every interaction with her family requires tremendous effort to keep herself together and she falls apart as soon as she is out of the circumstance – then begins the recovery period. She knows it could be better – but how? She feels misunderstood. All of her people-pleasing tendencies are not working in this situation. She doesn’t even know why she still wants them in thier life. She feels unloved and unwanted. She longs for peace, love and enjoyment when she is with her parents and/or sibling(s). Can’t they all just be adults and get along? And at the very least – she needs to know that SHE can take care of herself, she can be strong and she can still love them.

I hope that helps. My question is – how do I take all this info and turn it into a name that is simple and descriptive?

Thank you,