One-sided relationship / stalkerish

Hi Brooke!

You regularly offer to us that we get to decide if a relationship is over or not, in the sense that we can choose to think of ourselves as a friend to our friend/sister-in-law who has rejected us, or to continue to feel romantic love for someone, and take action toward that person from that place.

I completely understand the concept as it relates to a friend or a sister-in-law, but it makes me uncomfortable when applied to a romantic relationship.

Imagine if I broke up with someone, and expressed clearly that I didn’t want to date that person again, and didn’t want to stay friends either, for whatever reason.

Imagine that person decided to continue to feel love for me, and took regular action toward me from that place. Wouldn’t that be going against my clearly expressed wish, and be kind of stalkerish?

When would that person be supposed to take a hint and move on? Or would it then become a matter of setting boundaries on my end?

This is one of my hypothetical questions — not related to an actual personal situation, so perhaps it’s too simplistic, but I want to truly understand what you teach.

Thank you!