Need more drama in my life


I have been in the program for 2 months and mostly working on the overeating workshop, with the goal of losing 50 lbs. In the past, I have tried to clean up my eating every year, but this is the first time I have gone 100% no sugar no flour or intermittent fasted. Currently the scale is moving, with me down 8 lbs. I have been doing the thought downloads daily and noticing as I clean up my eating and plan better, there is less negative emotion. I heard someone advise to increase the fasting window, which I am working on. I’m currently up to 17 hours with the goal of 18 hours. I planned a 24 hour fast this weekend, which had some drama and lasted 19 hours. I’m planning another 24 hour fast this weekend. Looking forward to learning more about myself. Are there other suggestions on how to get more drama? I would like to make sure I’m feeling my emotions this time and make this weight loss permanent.
Thanks you all you do.