Need for control

Dear Coaches,
I’m interested in the response to the recent blood pressure question and see similarities to many models I’ve been running lately.

C: Food/Drink Protocol (but this applies to many other things in my life as well)
T: I should be able to control what I eat (but I can’t)
F: Agitated/Frustrated
A: Everything I can think of to control an outcome I want, over plan, overwhelm myself, exhaust myself, burn out, give up, buffer, repeat cycle
R: Prove to myself (over and over again) that I’m out of control

Now that I see this cycle, I’m trying to notice when I’m taking action in order to control/force an outcome. But isn’t this massive action toward a result I want? Maybe massive action should be coming from a different feeling from frustration, correct? I think what happens is I confuse my motivation for achieving a result with needing to control everything to get the result. Does that make any sense? Any insight or advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.