Feeling successful before you get “the thing.”

Brooke talks about how most of us have a goal and think once we achieve that goal, only then will we feel the feelings of pride, elation, confidence etc. She says that in order to take the journey towards our goal we have to feel those feelings first in order to get to the goal.
I have a goal of taking and passing a very difficult exam that will put me up to a higher level in my career. I have taken it before and failed it. In the spirit of taking massive action and Working towards passing until I do, I have decided to go for it again.
My question is, how do I manifest the feelings of pride, elation and confidence now? I am stuck on the T line. I don’t want to put in “sunshine and rainbow” thoughts that I do not believe. How can I get to the point where I believe the feelings listed above as I am studying and doing the work towards passing?